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Community Coordinating Council of Muskegon County

Promoting effective human services through collaboration, integration and support.

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Achieving goals that could not be attained
by one organization alone is collaboration.
The Community Coordinating Council (CCC) is the State-endorsed community collaborative for Muskegon County, Michigan. Over 45 organizations engaged in providing or funding human services for area residents are members of the CCC.  The CCC is organized to promote effective human services through collaboration, integration and support. Member organizations are committed to sharing ideas, issues and solutions to improve income, life, learning and community for everyone in Muskegon County.


The University of Wisconsin's County Ranking Report ranks Muskegon County at 63 out of 82 counties in Michigan in Health Outcomes.

The goal of 1 in 21 Healthy Muskegon County is to help Muskegon County become number 1 in 2021! 


5 focused committees - Infrastructure, Health and Fitness/Recreation, Schools, Business/Labor and Community Engagement - are working on action plans and celebrating successes in Muskegon County.

To learn more and get involved: 
like the 1 in 21 Facebook page
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County Health Rankings for Muskegon

Mercy Health 

Community Health Needs Assessment


To read the Community Health Needs Assessment for Muskegon, Newaygo and Oceana Counties, click here.

 Youth Behavior Study for Muskegon County


The Youth Behavior Study for Muskegon County is an analysis done using the aggregate data from the Michigan Profile for Healthy Youth (MiPHY). 


Click the links below to view documents relating to the study:


Youth Behavior Study for Muskegon County Summary


Data Table - High School


Data Table - Middle School


CCC Meeting Presentation Powerpoint



To learn more about MiPHY, click here.